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     This cleaning service has been fabulous. They have some of the lowest rates in the area. The cleaners are professional and efficient. They always get my flat sparkling clean. Highly recommended cleaning service.
Meghan K.21/05/2020
      Locksbottom Cleaning Company has been cleaning my offices for a couple of years now and I haven't had a single complaint. The crew is always flexible and professional. Thank you!
     Carpet cleaning is vital if you don't want to have health problems from all the chemicals in them. These cleaners are very good with carpets. Because of their carpet cleaners, I no longer worry about the carpet in my flat. Thanks, ladies.
Jeremiah Bowes03/07/2019
     It's all too often that I see cleaning companies get stick for not doing their jobs well so credit where it's due, LocksbottomCarpetCleaners have been a very efficient and thorough cleaning company for our business. Day to day office cleaning is often a bare bones type cleaning service but with this cleaning agency it is performed to a high standard and a lot of tasks are completed which you wouldn't normally expect from a cleaning company that is there just to give the place a quick once over. This cleaning outfit are very efficient and they are a hardworking bunch.
Alan R.14/11/2014
     Cleaning really isn't my strong suit, and I often fall a bit behind, until one day I decided that had to change. I called LocksbottomCarpetCleaners after a recommendation from my friends, and boy, was I not ready for the result. They told me that they did a good job for the amount they charge, but I was not expecting my home to be transformed over the course of a couple of hours. Marked leather and tiles were brought back up to just-bought condition, and all of the corners were left spotless! A thoroughly fantastic experience all around - thanks for everything!
Reggie S.29/08/2014
     I had a party while my parents were away and while I cleaned up most of the clutter and mess, there were a few things that I just didn't know how to take care of. I looked up the number for a cleaning agency and LocksbottomCarpetCleaners looked both affordable and reliable. Once the cleaner arrived, I talked through what I was struggling with, showed her the floor and a few stains that I couldn't get out and she got right to work. She steam cleaned the floor to get the gunk off and somehow managed to remove the stains. It's now my go to cleaning service.
Darlene Stone16/07/2014
     I live with my grandparents and I have to attend to most of the housework around the home because both my grandparents are unable to walk properly without support. I don't mind looking after them but it does restrict my lifestyle somewhat because I cannot go anywhere for too long as it means nothing will get done at home. My friend happened to mention a company LocksbottomCarpetCleaners who may be able to help, I gave them a call and they came to do a demonstration at our home, I'm very grateful for the help I can get from this company as it now means I can go away for a week or two and hire the cleaners to come in whilst I'm absent! Thank you!

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